Barbarian DnD 5e (5th Edition) Class

Barbarians are one of the standard characters in Dungeons and Dragons (D&D). You can choose from either of the main characters like Barbarian, Rouge, Warlock, Paladin and Cleric as your role-play character in the game.

Barbarians are known for their rage and wrath in D&D. They are uncontrollable, voracious and blunt creatures. Most of the Barbarian’s rage comes from the animal spirits. Alternatively, some rage comes from pain and agony.

Barbarians draw their power from rage to fight battles as well as it provides certain features to the character that include strength, peculiar reflexes and resilience.

Barbarian DnD 5e (5th Edition) Class

Barbarian Character Class Features

A Barbarian character consists of the following features:

Hit Points:

  • Dice Hit: Per Barbarian level, you get 1d12
  • First Level Hit Points: On your constitutional modifier, you get + 12
  • Higher Level Hit Points: After the first level, per Barbarian level you will get your constitutional modifier + 1d12 or perhaps 7

Initial Proficiency:

  • Armor: Shields, Medium Armor and light Armor
  • Weapons: Martial Weapons, Simple Weapons
  • Tools: None
  • Saving Throws: Constitution, Strength
  • Skills: You have the ability to choose any two from the skills these include Athletics, Nature, Animal Handling, Intimidation, Perception and Survival

Initial Equipment:

  • (a) one Greataxe Or (b) any Melee weapon
  • (a) two Handaxes Or (b) any Simple weapon
  • Explorer’s pack and four Javelins

The following table will guide you through all the class features, levels, proficiencies, rages and rage damage that you need to know about a Barbarian character:

Level Proficiency Features   Rages Rage Damage
1 +2 Rage, Unarmored Defense 2 +2
2 +2 Reckless Attack, Danger Sense 2 +2
3 +2 Primal Path 3 +2
4 +2 Ability Score Improvement 3 +2
5 +3 Extra Attack, Fast Movement⁠ 3 +2
6 +3 Path feature 4 +2
7 +3 Feral Instinct 4 +2
8 +3 Ability Score Improvement 4 +2
9 +4 Brutal Critical (1 die) 4 +3
10 +4 Path feature 4 +3
11 +4 Relentless⁠ Rage 4 +3
12 +4 Ability Score Improvement 5 +3
13 +5 Brutal Critical (2 dice) 5 +3
14 +5 Path feature 5 +3
15 +5 Persistent Rage 5 +3
16 +5 Ability Score Improvement 5 +4
17 +6 Brutal Critical (3 dice) 6 +4
18 +6 Indomitable Might 6 +4
19 +6 Ability Score Improvement 6 +4
20 +6 Primal Champion⁠ Unlimited +4

Here is a brief understanding to guide you through the Class features used by the Barbarian in Dungeons and Dragons:


When your turn arrives, as a Bonus Action you get to enter the Rage mode with the Barbarian character. This Rage mode can provide many advantages to you, these are:

  • You get a + 2 bonus in the damage roll as you make a melee weapon Attack whilst expending Strength. You will tend to also level up as a bonus.
  • You gain the benefit of Strength Saving Throws and Strength Checks.
  • You have Resistance in bashing, piercing and slamming injury.

The ability of raging lasts for at least 1 minute. Although, if you are Unconscious, it tends to end early. In addition, on your turn, you can end the Rage as a Bonus Action.

However, keep in mind that while raging you are not able to cast any Spells.

Furthermore, you need to finish a Long rest to be able to use your exhausted Rage. There are several different times you can Rage at different levels, these are as follows:

  • At 1st level, you can Rage 2 times
  • At 3rd level, you can Rage 3 times
  • At 6th level, you can Rage 4 times
  • At 12th level, you can Rage 5 times
  • At 17th level, you can Rage 6 times

Unarmed Defense

The Armor Class equals to 10 + the Dexterity modifier + the constitutional modifier, if you are not wearing your armor. Furthermore, a Shield can also be used to gain benefit from this feature.

Danger Sense

When you reach the 2nd level, you get the ability to sense anything unnatural in your surroundings. You can sense any peculiar object or enemy lurking and therefore, get the ability to dodge from any unwarned danger and enemy.

You get the benefit on Dexterity Saving Throws in contradiction of effects. These effects can be traps, spells, etc. Although keep in mind, you get the advantage you cannot be Deafened ad Blinded in the game.

Reckless Attack

When you reach the 2nd level, you get the ability to Attack violently. When your turn comes, you can choose to Attack recklessly without looking back. This can serve as an advantage on the melee weapon Attack rolls by using Strength.

Primal Path

As you reach the 3rd level, you get the ability to choose a path for your Rage. This path tends to form the Nature of your Rage; this includes Path of the Berserker.

You can choose this feature on the 3rd level, then again on the 6th, 10th, and 14th levels.

Ability Score Improvement

At the 4th level, then again at the level 8th, 12th, 16th and 19th, you get the capability to enhance one Ability Score that you prefer by 2. Alternatively, you get the ability to enhance two Ability Scores that you prefer by 1.

Although, keep in mind that you can only enhance your Ability Score till 20.

Extra Attack

When you reach the 5th level, on your Attack action you get the ability to Attack 2 times, instead of 1 time.

Fast Movement

When you reach the 5th level, you get the ability to increase your speed by 10ft in range. This can only be done if you are not wearing any heavy armor.

Feral Instinct

As you reach the 7th level, you advantage on the Initiative rolls because of your enhanced instincts.

Furthermore, you get the ability to act normally on any surprised Combat on your turn. This can only be possible, if you enter the Rage mode before taking any other action in the game.

Brutal Critical

As you reach the 9th level, you get the ability to roll an extra weapon damage die. When you want to do an extra damage with your melee weapon.

Furthermore, the ability increases as you level up, at the 13th level, you can roll 2 extra dice and on the 17th level, you can roll 3 extra dice.

Relentless Rage

When you reach the 11th level, even if your character is intensely wounded, you can still keep fighting with your Rage.

Whilst you are Raging in a fight and you descent to 0 Hit points and do not tend to die. You get the ability to make a DC 10 Constitutional saving throw.

Although, keep in mind that every time you use this feature, it tends to increase the DC by 5. You need to finish a short or Long Rest for the DC to reset to 10.

Persistent Rage

When you reach the 15th level, your rage tends to end early because of its recklessness. Although this only happens if you are Unconscious or perhaps choose to end it.

Indomitable Might

On the 18th level, if your total Strength Check is less than the Strength Score, you get the ability to use the score, besides using the total.

Primal Champion

On the 20th level, you draw your outmost power from the wilds. Therefore, you tend to increase your Strength and Constitutional scores by 4.

Primal Paths

  • Path of Berserker

The Path of Berserker is a type of Rage that can be used by a Barbarian during Combat. In this Path, your Barbarian characters are allowed to liberally use their outmost Rage and Anger in the battle. Therefore, as you choose this Path in the gameplay, you get the following features:

  • Frenzy

When you reach the 3rd level, in your Rage mode, you get the ability to go into the Frenzy mode. In this, as a bonus point on your every turn, the Duration of the Rage allows you to make a single melee weapon Attack.

Although, the drawback of this feature is that, you tend to suffer from Exhaustion once your rage ends.

  • Mindless Rage

As you reach the 6th level, you get the ability to not be Charmed or Frightened whilst being in Rage mode.

  • Intimidating Presence

On the 10th level, you get the ability to frighten your opponent with your intimidating and ominous presence. Therefore, you can choose any one enemy that is in 30ft range of you. You can use a Wisdom saving throw or be Frightened on the enemy, if the opponent is in range.

If you succeed to do so, you get the ability to extend your Duration action of the effect on the Frightened enemy. This duration can last until your next turn.

  • Retaliation

When you reach the 14th level, you get the ability to use your Reaction whilst making a melee weapon Attack on your opponent. This happens whilst you tend to take damage or perhaps hit from your opponent within 5ft.


  • Hit Die: d12
  • Initial Gold: 2d4 x 10
  • Name of Subclass: Primal Path
  • Abilities Suggested: Constitution, Strength

I hope this blog has given you all the necessary and brief information about the Barbarian Character of D&D. You can use and pre-prepare game strategies to easily win battle in your D&D gameplay.

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